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Hospital Visit and Complete Physical Examination

$74. You and your dog or cat visit our state-of-the-art veterinary hospital in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. Our veterinarians will perform a complete physical exam of your dog or cat. Our veterinarian will offer a consultation and make any medical recommendations necessary.

Diagnostic Testing

Diagnostic testing is performed at our hospital to assess your dog or cat’s internal function. Samples are collected and sent to our laboratory. Most results come back in under 48 hours. We offer a complete diagnostic laboratory, but listed are prices for the most common tests performed on dogs and cats. Our hospital offers on-site blood work capabilities for urgent cases.

- Complete Senior Screen Blood Panel - $225. Includes a CBC (Complete blood count), Full Blood Chemistry and a full Thyroid panel. This comprehensive blood panel is recommended for all senior pets over the age of seven annually to screen for underlying disease processes.

- Urinalysis - $55. A thorough evaluation of your pet’s urine to assess renal function, screen for diabetes, infection or signs of stones or crystals in the bladder or kidneys.

- Fecal Screening For Intestinal Parasites - $55. The American Animal Hospital Association and The Vet Set recommend a fecal screening on an annual basis to ensure your pet is free from intestinal parasites.

- Heartworm Testing - $55. A simple blood test will confirm that your dog doesn’t have this potentially fatal disease.

- Annual Wellness Screening for Pets Under Seven Years of Age – $160. This basic blood panel is a great idea for annual screening or prior to any anesthesia to ensure your pet is running at his or her peak performance internally.

Vaccine Pricing

Each vaccine your pet receives is $43.

The only exception is the feline Rabies vaccine. The Vet Set ONLY uses non-adjuvanted Rabies vaccines to ensure the safety of your cat. The technology that goes into these vaccines makes them more expensive.

Feline Rabies Non-Adjuvanted Vaccine – 1 Year - $43
Feline Rabies Non-Adjuvanted Vaccine – 3 Year - $96

Pet Travel and Health Certificates

Our New York City dogs and cats always seem to be on the go! Our USDA-accredited veterinarians are ready to help your pets get to where they need to be!

- Domestic Travel Health Certificates (Excluding HI) - $50. After your visit, an APHIS 7001 certificate will be issued for your pet.

- 5-Day Or Less Hawaii Quarantine - $725. Getting your pet to Hawaii is a complicated process if you want to avoid quarantine, The Vet Set can help alleviate the stress associated with this process. Included is OIE-FAVN Rabies testing, all vaccinations required, counseling on the process, all medical treatments and completion of all USDA forms. To see the requirements, follow this link.

- International Health Certificates – Call for pricing. As every country is different, please contact us for more specific information and we’ll be happy to help prepare your globe-trotting dog or cat for takeoff!


$75. The Vet Set recommends microchipping for all dogs and cats as a safe and secure form of identification. Our veterinarians only implant ISO compatible microchips. If your pet is traveling to Hawaii or internationally, an ISO compatible 15 digit microchip is required.

Acupuncture & Cold Laser Therapy

For over 5000 years acupuncture has helped people and animals alike maintain harmony in their bodies. Certifed at the Chi Institute in 2007 Dr. Taylor Truitt uses acupunture, nutrition and Chinese herbs to help manage many different conditions.

Cold laser therapy is a state-of-the-art modality approved by the FDA. Cold laser therapy treats pain associated with arthritis, back conditions, dermatologic conditions and chronic inflammation. Single area treatments start at $69.

Dr. Eva is the best vet I have ever known! I have known her and her practice for years. This is a great fit for her skills and anyone that gets lucky enough to have Dr. Eva show up on call will be very happy with her knowledge and experience. I couldn't recommend Eva and their services more!

Johnny E. & Summit

Both Dr. Eva & Dr. Taylor are simply the best and most caring vets. They both have abundant love for their jobs and patients!

Nick A. & Burger

Dr. Taylor was able to diagnose my kitty girl with just a few descriptions of her symptoms. I was AMAZED at her seemingly magical vet powers and can't recommend her highly enough. Talia is all better now thanks to The Vet Set expertise!

Heather M. & Talia

Dr. Taylor is an animal lover's dream vet! I've always found her to be sensitive, sensible, extremely knowledgeable and understanding, whether for a routine visit, a recurrent issue or something as difficult as saying goodbye to a beloved pet.

Sally V. & Dart and Cricket

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