The Ultimate Guide To Choosing A Vet

Because finding a vet is more than just vet recommendations!


When it comes to our animals they’re just like, if not 100%, our family. We want the best for them and just as we would search high and low for the best health care practitioner for our children, we would do the same in finding a vet for our pets!


At The Vet Set in Carroll Gardens, we are the leading vet clinic in your Brooklyn neighborhood. If you’re in search of a vet for your beloved animal, catch today’s post!

Finding A Vet That You Trust


You can search high and low and even schedule a couple of vet appoints, only to find that you and your animal don’t vibe with them. It’s nothing personal — it’s the same as if you were to go into the doctor and just not like their bedside manner. When it comes to our pets, we need to be picky! It’s often more than just taking a vet recommendation — a vet clinic is a place you want your pet to embrace and not fear, so it really does make a difference in who you choose!


So, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of finding a vet you trust!


Get To Know The Vets In Your Area


Okay, we’re going to go ahead and say it now — it’s perfectly okay to ask around for vet recommendations! It’s always nice to get an idea of the vets in your area — you can gather the recommendations you get and make your own informed decision!  


But, where do you start? 


If you have a dog, people and other dog owners likely flock to you to chit-chat about your pooch. If you notice other dog people around, ask them. Or, talking to people at the dog park, local pet store, or pet shelters is never a bad idea. It’s a diverse set of people who may have a myriad of recommendations for you. 


You can also ask neighbors who have pets and even your co-workers are a great resource. Many times you’ll hear one name over and over, albeit positive or negative, and these are leads you can either follow up on or do a further investigation.  


Start The Vetting Process!


Once you have done a little research in your area on local vets and asked for recommendations you now have a solid list to work from. Now it’s time to look into each vet clinic to better narrow down where you want to go. Below are a few things to take into consideration. 


Know what kind of vet services you’re looking for – There are a variety of vets that specialize in a myriad of services —  some vets specialize in large animals such as horses and other farm animals, while others specialize in birds. It’s important to know if they specialize in any specific animal or if they’re a comprehensive vet. 


Understand how the vet clinic works – Vet clinics not only offer a variety of services but they all operate a little differently. If you’re looking for specific care such as overnight care or emergency services, it’s important to call and connect with someone who can give you a rundown of how their vet clinic operates. When you do give the vet clinic a call, this is always a good time to see if you work well with their staff and if they’re friendly — it provides you the initial information in their approach to treating pets and what the environment might be like. 


Schedule an appointment with the vet – There is no harm in scheduling a meet and greet with the vet in question. A wellness checkup will give you an idea of the demeanor of the vet and it gives you a chance to ask questions about training or what other services they might recommend such as nutrition consultations or holistic or alternative pet therapies. 


Here are a couple of things to make a mental note of when you check out your local vet clinic:


  • Is the vet clinic clean and sanitary? Notice everything from the waiting area to the exam rooms
  • Is there a separate waiting area for dogs and cats?  
  • Is the staff accommodating, empathetic, and make the pets feel comfortable?


It’s also important to ask the right questions. Consider the following:


  • What services do they have available on-site including services such as bloodwork, x-rays, ultrasounds, etc?
  • How are the overnight pets monitored?
  • Does the vet clinic accept animal insurance? Or, what kind of payments do options do they offer?


There are many things you can do to find a vet and a vet clinic you love! Everything from gathering recommendations from your community to visiting the clinic can give you a good idea of what the vet clinic may be like. 


At the end of the day, it’s all about the connection you make with the vet and whether or not they can accommodate the services you’re looking for.


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