Selling Your Home When You Have Dogs

Keep your house in order for prospective homebuyers!


Most people are dog people, or at least don’t mind pets, but having a dog while you’re trying to sell your home can be tricky — it’s either a welcomed distraction or it leaves prospective homebuyers running for the door! 


How do you sell your home when you’re a dog-friendly household? If you’re in our neck of the woods — Carroll Gardens — we’ll give you the best tips and tricks in today’s post!

Selling Your Home When You Have Dogs


Carroll Gardens is abundant in beautiful brownstones, yet because of they’re design, you have to get creative as to how to stage your home when you have pups running around. After all, you don’t want to get a reputation of being that crazy home with dogs! Below, we’ll navigate how to prepare your home for prospective homebuyers — the joy of selling your home when you have a dog!


Yard Care


Typically, Carroll Gardens’ brownstones don’t have expansive yards. If you’re lucky enough to have space in front or behind, ensure that you tidy it up. It will likely be a highlight of your home and you don’t want prospective homebuyers to step in poop or roll an ankle where your dog digs. 


Not only do you want to perform a poop patrol before each showing, but you may want to consider some light landscaping to fill in holes and make the exterior look more aesthetically pleasing. 



Understand Your Insurance


While your dog may love people, they may not love random strangers coming in for a showing at odd hours during the day. And although your dog would never mean to bite or hurt anyone, it is their territory and they may see this guest as more of an intruder. 


Ensure that your insurance has you protected in case anything does happen.


Eliminate Dog Odors


We all know the stale smell of dogs, and while we may not be able to smell it anymore, buyers will! It’s imperative to have your rugs and carpet professionally cleaned beforehand, and do a deep clean of your home before any showings begin. 


Tuck Away Evidence


As a dog owner, you likely have a million and one toys, treats, and odds and ends that belong to your dog. And while keeping out the necessities such as their food and water bowls is acceptable, you’ll want to find a good place to store and organize extra leashes, collars, clothing, and toys. 


It may be hard to find a little extra space, but if you can, do so! 

Keep Your Pets Away


If you have the ability to crate your dog during showings, this is highly recommended — just let the realtor know which room your dog is in so there are no surprises! 


If you’re home for a showing, take your dog out back or take them out for a stroll.


You can sell your home even with a dog roaming about, it just may take a little more effort on your part! 


Keep in mind, this is a transition for your dog as much as it is for you! For more advice on how to help your dog (and sell your home) connect with our Carroll Gardens vet clinic today! 


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