Helpful Dog Park Etiquette Tips

Keep your local Carroll Gardens dog park calm and peaceful!


Dog parks are a refuge for Carroll Gardens’ pooches who don’t have an expansive backyard to play around in — they get exercise and they’re able to socialize with other dogs. But, not all dog parks are created equal, so it’s up to the dog owners to monitor and maintain the dog park, making it a safe and healthy place for all. 


At The Vet Set, it’s vital that your dog — especially if they’re indoors most days — get out and bound around and dog parks are perfect for this! Learn some helpful tips to make your local dog park the best!

Dog Park Etiquette


It’s important to create a space where dogs and humans alike know and follow a common set of rules, to avoid any disasters and promote a happy and healthy place to play. While each dog park will vary in their rules (some are public and others are privately owned), it’s important to know some common ground for both dogs and humans.


 So, what are some common dog park etiquette tips? Let’s explore them below.


Dogs over six months must be fixed or females must not be in heat.


It’s important that dogs play and get exercise without having to worry about them making puppies!


Owners must clean up after their dog.


This is a non-negotiable — your dog is an extension of you, so if they poop or make any other kind of mess, clean it up. 


All dogs must be licensed.


It’s important that dogs are licensed and are not unsupervised or left unattended at any time. 


Aggressive dogs are prohibited.


As much as your dog may be an angel around you, if they have a history of aggression you’ll need to skip the dog park. If your dog does become aggressive at the park, remove them immediately. 


Small children must be supervised at all times.


Dogs run and play in the dog park so it’s essential your child is supervised and by your side at all times to avoid any collisions or any other dangers. 


Harnesses and other accessories must be removed once the dogs are in the park.


Keep your dog in the appropriate area.


Some dog parks have separate areas according to size, so ensure your large breed is with the big dogs. 


No eating or smoking within the dog park.


Proper Dog Etiquette


Your dog should always be on their best behavior when they’re at the dog park, and always remember, as a dog owner, it is your responsibility to control your dog at the dog park and make any behavior modification work on your own time — not at the dog park. 


  • Dogs should be happy and friendly and avoid aggressive and obnoxious behaviors. 
  • Dogs should have some confidence and sociability to interact safely with the other dogs.
  • Dogs should have good manners and avoid jumping and peeing on other dogs and humans.
  • Dogs should be healthy and left at home with any illnesses that can be transferred and infect other dogs.


Proper Human Etiquette


  • Be a good dog owner and be responsible for your dog!
  • If you’re new, observe the dog park culture and practices and ask questions if you’re unclear of things. 
  • Go at non-peak hours to better orient yourself and your dog. 
  • If someone makes a complaint about your dog, be reasonable and listen to what they have to say. 
  • Apologize to the owner if your dog was inappropriate. 
  • Avoid disciplining another dog. 


Each dog park is its own unique place and it’s vital that both you and your dog adhere to the rules — from the major ones such as cleaning up to smaller ones such as not bringing food into the enclosed area — if everyone does their part, it fosters a fun place where dogs can let loose and interact with other dogs. 


Need help with behavior issues? Talk to a vet at our Carroll Gardens vet clinic today! 




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