The Only Guide You’ll Need To Planning Your Dog’s Birthday Party!

Dog birthday ideas for planning the perfect pawty!


Your furry best friend is an extension of your family — after all, they go practically everywhere with you, and when you refer to them as your child, everyone knows who you’re talking about!


It’s only natural that they get a birthday party in their honor every year!


At Vet Set, we celebrate your dog by keeping them happy and healthy so they can celebrate each passing year with you! From alternative vet methods to x-rays and vaccinations, we can meet you where you’re at via our mobile vet clinic! For now, relax and find great ideas for planning your next puppy birthday party!

Plan a Dog Birthday For the Books With These Ideas!


Spoiling your dog is something dog owners love to do — whether it’s making them go gaga over their favorite toy or indulging them in a new treat — we live to give our dogs the best quality of life.


So, if you’re ready to see the pure bliss on your dog’s face, now is the time to plan for their upcoming pawty!


Find the perfect doggy birthday venue!


Not every venue is dog-friendly, so unless you have a venue dedicated to dogs (a dog park or doggy daycare), having the party in your home may be the best practice.


One of the highlights of celebrating your dog is they don’t know when their birthday is, which can make things easier for you. If they have a cold, December birthday, celebrate them in warmer weather when they can tromp around in your yard or the park with their buddies.


Create fun exciting invitations and decorations even the humans will love!


Invitations are part of the fun, so craft unique and cheeky doggy birthday invitations that dazzle. The practice of posting invites to fridges still happens, and people love slapping a cute dog invitation up for everyone to see!


As far as decorations go, go wild! You can never have too many dog decorations at the party! Get creative and go beyond the typical paws and bones decor. We can’t get enough of the UPS and mailman theme (if your dog loves to bark and tease them) or a tennis ball theme — whatever your dog is in to, create a theme around that.


Pamper them with a pupcake!

When it comes to the cake, it has to entice and dazzle. It can be a delicious concoction of everything they love — dog bones, peanut butter, pumpkin, or bananas — or it can be a treat they love to destroy. We’ve seen cute cakes that let dogs go crazy with toilet paper, boxes, and bubble wrap — don’t be afraid to do something different!


Invite all their friends!


What’s better than a solo birthday? A birthday with all your favorite dog buddies! Invite as many of their dog friends that your house or park can contain and let them celebrate and play all day!


If your dog has a social media following, it’s also fun to create a little post about their upcoming party — create a hashtag that the other dogs can use when they post pictures from the day!


If you’re outdoors, a water station (or a couple) is a great idea. Keep a couple of bowls around, or have fun and create a doggy fountain that flows with fresh water.  


Strike a paws with a photo booth!


Photo booths are not only for the humans, dogs love to use them too! It can be as basic or ornate as you want, but be sure to include birthday themed props and ones that are tolerated by most dogs — sunglasses, hats, frisbees, etc.


Not only does a photobooth create an area to document the day, the humans can post them on social media under the hashtag you created!


Include games!


Games can be a great way to control the chaos of a host of dogs. You could create a talent show where the dogs show off their tricks and talents for treats or a scavenger hunt where you hide treats and the dogs go around sniffing them out.  


Don’t let the guests leave without a doggy bag!


Fill a bag full of treats that the doggy guests can take with them — this can be anything from balls and jerky to dog bones and a cute bandana.


Don’t leave the human guests out!


The dog party shenanigans can be a bit tiring for the humans, so try and create a space where everyone can relax and kick back at the party — food and adult beverages are always a great option! You can even play to the theme and customize a cocktail in honor of your dog!


Celebrating your dog is something that you and other dog parents love to do! No matter what you end up doing, have fun and make it a stress-free endeavor!


For more information on how we can keep your dog happy and healthy with our mobile vet services, connect with us today!




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