Enjoy The Quiet: Breeds That Don’t Bark

Enjoy The Quiet: Breeds That Don’t Bark

If loud noises, barking included, cause you anxiety, we’ve got you covered!

Barking can be a real problem, not only as a dog owner, but it can be disruptive to neighbors and when you’re out and about. While there are methods you can use to train your dog to bark less, if you’re looking for breeds who are quiet and content, there are a handful that fit the bill.


At Vet Set, we understand how a dog’s demeanor means everything — you need a dog that fits your lifestyle and barking can really put a damper on things. Join us in today’s post as we navigate dog breeds that bark less to help maintain peace and quiet.

Quiet(er) Breeds


There is no a guarantee that your dog will never bark at the occasional squirrel or when someone comes to visit, but below are the breeds that tend to bark less, so let’s explore these peaceful pups.


Shiba Inu


You may pick up an introverted vibe when you first meet a Shiba Inu — they’re reserved yet inquisitive, and they always look like they want to tell you something. The Shiba will very rarely bark and stays calm and adaptable to most environments.


Shiba Inu’s make a great pet because they’re low-maintenance with minimal grooming needs and exercise requirements.




Whippets look like mini-Greyhounds and do not bark much. When Whippets are comfortable and feel a part of the family they are quite loving and playful, but if you’re a stranger they may take some time to warm up to you.


If you’re planning on getting a Whippet based on their quiet personality, keep in mind they need a lot of exercise — when they don’t get enough they can become destructive and stubborn, which isn’t good for anyone.




This is a large dog breed who is stoic by nature and only barks when it’s needed. They make a great guard dog for protection, so when they bark, it’s probably to bring attention to something. An Akita is an intense breed who loves fiercely and loyally but is quite independent — they’ll guard and protect you, but shy away from a more playful nature.


Bernese Mountain Dog


If you’re ready to accommodate a  large breed, you will not find a more playful and loyal dog! While they remain quiet and tend not to bark, they’re happy to alert you when there is something worth barking about.


This breed requires a good amount of exercise and a bond will be cemented in this fun, play time.


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


If a smaller breed is more your style, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is the best little, albeit quiet, companion. They are quite easy going and love to snuggle, but tend to be a bit more high maintenance in the grooming department. Their long coat requires daily brushing, but other than this they are pretty easy to care for.




A bulldog is a perfect companion who is extremely low-maintenance, and better yet, doesn’t bark. Their short coat makes grooming a breeze, andtheir short, muscular stature doesn’t require a whole lot of exercise.


Because they’re not overly vocal, you’ll know exactly if something is up or if they want your attention.


Chow Chow


A Chow Chow is a very independent dog who is more aloof than anything. While Chow’s have a reputation for being aggressive, it’s typically as a result of wanting to protect their people.


If no danger is present, Chow’s are typically quiet, but they won’t hesitate to signal to you if danger is near.


All dogs bark, whether out of boredom or to alert someone that there is danger, there is not a completely barkless dog — which is a good thing. So, keep the peace and your neighbors happy with a breed that barks less!


There is a dog breed for everyone and even for those who prefer their dogs not to bark at every person that strolls by! Keep peace and quiet with dog breeds that are more naturally quiet! Breeds such as whippets, Akitas, Bernese Mountain Dogs, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, bulldogs, and Chow Chows all tend to be less vocal than other breeds.


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