Does Your Dog Have a Dry, Itchy Winter Coat? Try These Remedies! (Part Two)

More natural dog dry skin remedies to try at home!


In part one, we explored a couple of dry skin remedies for dogs including coat sprays and oatmeal treatments. Read about it here. If you’re looking for more remedies to try or just want to arm yourself with the best winter skin arsenal for your dog, join us in today’s post.


Dry, irritated skin isn’t always a result of the winter weather, sometimes it can be a reflection of food allergies, environmental chemicals and toxins, or a reaction to pests. To get a complete diagnosis, partner with the Vet Set for our thorough pet examinations.   


If it turns out it’s just the weather (Carroll Gardens can be brutal in the winter), read below for the best remedies!

Dry, Winter Skin? Find Itch Relief For Dogs Here!


Epsom Salt


Similar to an oatmeal bath or a herbal tea soak, you can use Epsom salt to alleviate irritated skin. This soak speeds healing and is comforting to inflammation.  


Aloe Vera


If you have access to the healing succulent, aloe vera straight from the source is ideal! Break a little piece off and use the gel on extra red and sore spots. Not only is it cooling and healing, but it also doesn’t contain alcohol so it isn’t drying. No aloe vera plant? No worries! Go to your natural health foods store and look for a bottle in the sun care section, but ensure there is no alcohol. You can also find an aloe vera gel in the supplement area in the stomach section — they are made for drinking, but the gel can still be applied to your dog’s coat!


Omega-3 Fatty Acids


Omega-3 fatty acids are a great way to heal and prevent an itchy coat from the inside out. Not only do these fatty acids improve skin health, but they’re also great for combating inflammation and digestion concerns. Even better, dogs love the taste and will gobble it down — no hiding it in treats or peanut butter. Take a look in your local pet store for pet-specific supplements or ask your vet for the proper dosage and shop your health food store for a high-quality fish oil.   


Coconut Oil


Coconut oil seems to be the cure-all these days for just about everything, but coconut oil for skin and coat health is a benefit you can rely on. Massage a high-quality coconut oil onto your dog’s coat (look for organic,non-GMO, and unrefined), paying close attention to any red and itchy patches. If this is too messy or you want to really go after their dry coat, add a scoop to their food.


Vitamin E Oil


Similar to coconut oil, massage vitamin E oil into your dog’s coat, particularly the dry, itchy patches. This is very healing to the skin and moisturizing to cracked and dry paws.




CBD oil is amazing for a variety of health concerns in dogs — it better calms anxiety in addition to tackling inflammation. The Vet Set recommends Canna-Pet.


Now you have a comprehensive and vast list of itchy skin remedies! Try them out today and let us know what helps!


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