Why Is my dog drinking an excessive Amount of Water?

All things related to your dog’s water consumption!


Just like humans, dogs need water to survive and with all the running around and activity they have, it’s important that they have access to both indoors and outdoors. 


But, is there such a thing as your dog drinking too much water? 


At The Vet Set in Carroll Gardens, we’re your local vet clinic in this part of Brooklyn stop by for your dog’s basic vaccinations in addition to other health issues that they face. Take a moment with us as we explore what water has to do with your dog’s health!

Why Water Is Important For Dogs


Water is vital to your dog’s health — dog’s lose water through various processes such as panting and drooling, and need to be able to replenish the hydration that they lost. Being properly hydrated is a balance — too little and they become dehydrated, while too much may be a sign or symptom of other health issues. 


It’s important not to restrict water from your dog, and instead, be taking note of how much they’re drinking and then relaying this to your vet. 


How much water do dogs need?


How much water your dog needs to drink will vary from dog to dog based on a couple of different factors including their diet and activity level. 


If your dog consumes a diet of mostly wet food, they will probably drink less water than those dog’s who are feed mostly kibble. Activity level also plays a role in how much water they need — if your dog is extremely active they may need additional water, especially in the hot summer months. 


The standard guideline for water consumption that vets agree on is approximately one ounce of water per one pound of body weight. 


When Your Dog’s Water Consumption Becomes An Issue


Why is my dog drinking so much? is one of the most frequently asked questions at the vet! 


When a dog drinks too much water, this is known as polydipsia and it can be related to a myriad of health issues. 


So, what does it mean when your dog is drinking too much water? 

Because your dog is drinking so much, it could mean that they’re urinating in larger volumes, and this can be a helpful indication and diagnostic tool for vets. 


Vets will typically check for the following health issues if your dog is drinking too much water:


  • Infection
  • Liver disease
  • Adrenal issues
  • Diabetes
  • Kidney disease


When should I act if I think my dog is drinking too much water?


If you think your dog is drinking too much water, keep an eye on it at least for a day or two because it could be related to other things such as a reaction to other medications, drinking (or playing with the water) out of boredom, or maybe they’re just extra thirsty from running around the yard! 


If your dog’s excessive water consumption goes beyond a day or two, contact the vet for further action. It’s important to take action earlier rather than later because if they do have a disease it could mean catching it early enough for a better treatment outcome. 


Water is something dogs need and while it may be frustrating or irritating to you that they’re drinking a lot of water, it could also indicate an underlying health issue such as an infection, liver disease, adrenal and kidney concerns, or diabetes all of which should not go unaddressed. 


So, let your dog drink water and if it becomes excessive, contact your vet. 


For more answers to all of your pet questions and to learn more about our vet services in Carroll Gardens, reach out and connect with our office today! 


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