How To Create A Thriving Indoor Environment For Your Cat

Cats can live abundant and rich lives in smaller spaces!


If you’re living in a neighborhood such as Carroll Gardens in Brooklyn, our guess is space is limited! Many people wonder if small spaces such as apartments and brownstones are a place where cats can thrive. The answer is yes — and, there are many things you can do as a cat owner to make your environment all the more stimulating for your feline friend!


Our city cats straight from the neighborhood of Brooklyn’s own Carroll Gardens, love The Vet Set because we provide comprehensive vet services for all the kitties that roam! Learn all about how to make a small space the perfect place for your cat!

Creating A Thriving Indoor Environment For Cats 


If your cat is strictly an indoor cat, being cooped up all day can lead to one thing — boredom! And, when your cat becomes bored they are more likely to act out and develop behavior issues. 


While playtime with your cat is advantageous, creating a space where they are constantly stimulated is even better. The great news is, you don’t have to live in a large space to make it conducive to your cat, small spaces too, can cultivate all the stimulation they need!


So, where do you begin to transform your apartment or brownstone into a kitty haven? Let’s explore some tangible things below. 


Take your cat to new heights!


Cats love to be in high places, after all, it’s one of their most innate survival instincts. To help your kitty feel safe, secure, and stimulated implement different things at contrasting heights. 


If you’re handy at building cat stands, try that! Covering them in carpet also doubles as a scratching post. Or, if you’d rather have someone do the work for you, you can find cat stands at most pet stores. 


If you’re on a budget and are looking for a quick fix, hanging shelves around your home is an easy hack to help your kitty reach new heights. 


Create a kitty entertainment space.


Cats love nothing more than to be perched ontop a windowsill — it’s their version of TV! Cats can spend hours entertaining themselves by watching birds, squirrels, and other animals and humans alike. So, make their favorite windowsill more cat-friendly. 


Put a coffee table or chair up against the windowsill so they have easy access to their outside entertainment! Or, if you have a cat stand, this creates a great space where they not only watch what’s going on outside, but gives them a place to scratch and play. 


You can even make it a cozy nap place by putting a cat bed or cozy blanket on top of the windowsill.


Make sure their toys are stocked.


Cats love play toys — from strings and feather to small toys brimming with catnip. These toys keep them active, occupied, and in good spirits which always combats boredom. 


There are also cat toys that they can chase and roll about that dispenses treats. 


Give your cat their own nook.


The thing with cats is, they love their own private area, and in an apartment that can be difficult. If you’re living in a studio or one-bedroom apartment you don’t necessarily have the space to devote one room to your cat, but, you can create a little kitty oasis. Implement things like large plants (sometimes fake one are the best because many plants are toxic to cats) to create a jungle-inspired area or create a more private space with an enclosed cat bed or even a kid’s tipi.


There are many ways to prevent boredom in your cat and space has nothing to do with it, so starting creating a space your indoor kitty can thrive in today!


For more information about how to care for your indoor cat, reach out to us today!  





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