Cat Behavior: Weird or Normal? (Part One)

Cats are surely a breed of their own — they’re independent as they are fussy, and sometimes their behavior can seem a bit odd.


Cats are fun-loving pets that give you the right amount of cuddles at a time that is convenient to them! Which is to say, that they may be a bit odd and sometimes you may not fully understand their intentions.


When you partner with Vet Set and our premier veterinary services, you not only get a compassionate vet, you also get a team that is dedicated to providing the best care to your cat! Follow along in today’s post as we venture into cat behavior and explain what weird behaviors they elicit and how they may be more normal than you may think!

The Strange (and Often Misunderstood) Behavior of Cats


Cats are often a mystery to most of us, but there are some behaviors that really just leave us clueless. Below are those behaviors — demystified!


Cats showing us their butts.


This is strange, but everyone who has been around a cat knows this strange behavior. When a cat presents their butt, this is a good sign. They are telling you that they feel at ease with you and are giving you an opportunity to get to know them a little better!


This is essentially like greeting a friend with a hug. When a cat does this, you can just give them a nice scratch in their favorite spot.


Cat Head Butting


Have you ever had a cat snuggle up to you, only to give you a head butt? It’s a little odd, but not out of their wheelhouse. Vets refer to this behavior as bunting or allorubbing and this is a sign of endearment — cats do this to mark their territory with a scent and claim you as their own!


Cat Shade


Perhaps you’ve caught a glimpse of your cat staring straight at you, throwing shade. This sneering or flehmen has nothing to do with you, human! They may be staring straight into your eyes, but really what’s happening is they’re getting pheromones from other cats that have marked that area which often produces a lip curl and dead-stare.


Eating Grass


Cats, just like dogs, commonly eat grass, but most of us don’t understand this behavior. Unlike humans who get vital nutrients from their greens, cats can enjoy some trace health benefits, but grass offers them added fiber to their diets to aid in passing hairballs.


Covering Up Poop


Have you ever noticed that cats cover their poop in their litter boxes — what is the point in this? How cats use their litter box is generally passed down from their older counterparts (if you have them), and the litter box is cat language in and of itself.    


Typically, cats cover their poop as a way to mark their territory, a litter box graffiti of sorts, but mostly it’s something that has been domesticated into them.


Are there more strange behaviors to cover? Of course there are! We love covering cats, so stay tuned for part two!


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