The Best Dog Breeds For Active People

If you love to run and are active outdoors, there are breeds who make the perfect companions!


We’re heading into the new year, which means only one thing — New Year’s resolutions! Perhaps you’re planning on upping your weekly running mileage or have the grand aspiration to hike a fourteener — whatever your goals, there are plenty of dog breeds that would love to be at your side conquering the outdoors with you!  


The outdoors are a large part of a dog’s life — exercise and fresh only enhances their quality of life. There are some breeds who thrive with a little more activity and have a little extra energy to spare which make them the perfect partners for people who lead active lifestyles. The Vet Set offers animal health services in both our physical location in Carroll Gardens and mobile services that can come to you. Learn about the best dog breeds for on-the-go people, in today’s post.

Dogs Who Should Skip Extra Activity


While all dogs love to play and enjoy the outdoors, not all dogs are fit for longer outdoor excursions.


Brachycephalic dogs – These types of dogs with short snouts have a more difficult time breathing, and with increased exertion can become fatigued and overheat.


Large dogs – Breeds, such as Great Danes, love to run around and play but can succumb to joint and orthopedic issues when exposed to longer distances.


Engaging Your Dog in Activity


Before engaging in any strenuous activity, ease your dog into the task. Just like humans, they need to build their endurance, and potentially their paws, so begin by walking before all-out run. If your dog begins to show signs of fatigue and doesn’t want to run, listen to them. Head home and try again tomorrow! The most important thing is to keep a close eye on your dog and observe their behavior — any signs of stress or limping is cause to slow down and re-evaluate where they’re at.


Consult Your Vet


Before you start logging miles with your furry friend, it never hurts to take them in for a wellness exam. While you’re in the animal health clinic you can ask your vet specific questions and advice about the best ways to ease into activity with your dog.


The Best Dogs For The Great Outdoors


The dogs with the most athleticism come from the terrier, sporting, and herding breeds, as they’ve evolved over time and have been bred for specific skills perfect for outdoor pursuits. Below are some of the best breeds to take out with you! It’s important to note that mutts are lovely dogs that fare very well in the outdoors, but always ask your vet about their aptitude.


Rhodesian Ridgeback


These beauties were originally bred to hunt lions in Africa, so they are keen to endurance and an ideal trail or road buddy. This bred can handle warmer temperatures, so summer days are no problem for them!




This breed comes from the sporting group, so they are absolutely designed for athletics! They are extremely fast and agile and bid well in both short and long distances. Weimaraners were bred to be so active, that if they don’t get out and stretch their legs enough, they are likely to develop anxiety and behavior issues. So, if you have this breed, they will require a lot of exercise.


Border Collie


Border Collies are extremely intelligent, and as part of the herding group, they love to be on the move. These dogs can run hard, fast, and cover great distances without tiring. Border Collies can handle the heat, but do better in more temperate conditions. This is breed is also up for a challenge — to engage them fully take them into dense, thick woods, and hike or run trails where they can use their senses.    




This hunting dog flourishes on exercise and has the speed and endurance for any fitness enthusiast. They do well with heat and have even earned the nickname “the velcro Vizsla” because they love to be close to their owners. There is no doubt about it, a Vizsla will be a wonderful running or hiking companion.


Australian Shepherd


This is another breed that is extremely intelligent and loves to be active, both physically and mentally. Because Australia Shepherd’s have longer coats, they fare better in cooler, milder temperatures. These furry companions love an outing and will prove to be an amazing outdoor partner.


Jack Russell Terrier


Perhaps you don’t want a large dog but you do still want one to run with — Jack Russell Terriers are the perfect compromise. These terriers are energetic and ready to go on both short or long outings.


Siberian Husky


We can’t make a list of active dogs without mentioning huskies. These dogs were bred for long-haul sled voyages in cold temperatures. They enjoy the task of running and seem to have limitless energy. Because they have thick fur coats, hot summer weather should be avoided, but if you love to explore in brutal, winter temperatures, they are fit for the job.




Whether you have a German Wirehaired Pointer or a German Shorthaired Pointer, both breeds make excellent outdoor companions. These dogs love to exercise and have the endurance, strength, and speed to keep up with the most seasoned athlete. Pointers can endure both cool and warm temperatures and love longer distances.




Dalmatians don’t often come to mind as outdoor dogs, but they have a rich history in athletics. Though these dogs aren’t running around hunting birds, they were known for being carriage or coach dogs and would run alongside horse-drawn carriages. Most are familiar with them in fire stations, as they would assist firefighters with their tasks.  


Exploring the great outdoors is always better with a furry friend! If you’re an outdoor enthusiast and are looking to challenge yourself in the new year, take one of the mentioned breeds above, along for the trek!


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