How To Keep Your Dog Cool in The Summer Heat (Part Two) 

The city is known for its hot and muggy summers that can leave your dog subject to overheating when outdoors, but there are plenty of summer heat safety tips to try!


Summer in the city for dogs is heaven — they get to roam the streets more, splash in sprinklers, and romp around at doggy daycare with their puppy pals. But, the thing is, they’ll go and go in the summer heat until they can’t go anymore, and this is downright dangerous. Heat exhaustion happens, so it’s important as a pooch parent to help keep them cool and comfortable in the summer heat. 


The Vet Set understands the heat! Our vet clinic is located right in the heart of Brooklyn in the Carroll Gardens neighborhood, so sticky, muggy summers are what we know! Join us in today’s post as we look at practical tips you can take to keep your dog comfortable in the outdoor weather this summer.

Summer Necessities For Your Dog


While most of us who live in the Carroll Gardens neighborhood don’t have a lot of green space to let our dogs roam, it’s important we know what they do need when they are outside to keep them from heat exhaustion.


It’s all in the hydration.


Keeping your dog hydrated is essential when they’re out in the summer sun, so ensure they have fresh, cool water to access when they’re out romping around with the pack! 


Place a full bowl of water in a shaded area — under a tree or a covered patio. If your dog is out for over an hour, keep refreshing the dog bowl as needed. 


Pro tip: If you’re not home and can’t change out and refill the dog bowl, place two bowls outside — one that is fresh and one that is frozen. As the day heats up the frozen bowl will thaw into cool and refreshing water for your dog later in the day. 


If you leave your house and venture to a park or on a hike, make sure you take enough water for both you and your dog.

Keep your pup sheltered.


It may be difficult to create a permanent shaded area outside for your dog, but there are many ways you can temporarily create it. 


Consider getting an outdoor sun shade sail — they’re protective material that is able to be hung from posts, attaching with S hooks, and coming in a variety of shapes and colors. They’re fairly inexpensive and can be easily put up and taken down with the season. 


You could also put up a small tent or canopy, or even a well-vented dog house — the more a dog can seek refuge in the shade, the better protected and safe they are from overheating.  


The next best thing to outdoor shade is installing a doggy door so your dog can come and go to the outdoors as they please.  


Whip up frozen treats!


How much do you love a nice frozen margarita or popsicle on a hot summer day? So does your dog! Keep fun frozen snacks on hand for them to enjoy in between harassing the city squirrels and howling to the sirens. 


Fill their favorite Kong toy with layers of peanut butter and cottage cheese, pop a couple into the freezer, and bring it out on especially hot days. This way they can cool down and enjoy a delicious frozen treat. 


Make a puppy pool.


Get a small kiddie pool and transform it into a puppy paradise outdoors — fill it with water and your dog can splash or simply just lay in it when they need to cool off.  


In addition to a puppy pool, you could make things really fun and install a water play area for them to run through! You know the ones that are available for kids and attach to a hose? Use those ones! Dogs love to run through the water and splash about, just like kids!


The summer heat can be a real threat to your dog if they’re out too long and playing too hard, so keep an eye on them and help keep them cool with proper hydration, shelter from the sun, frozen doggy treats, and a nice pool for them to take a dip in! 


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