How To Keep Your Dog Cool in The Summer Heat (Part One)

Carroll Gardens summers can get hot and sticky, and summer heat safety is a priority for your pooch!


Summers are the best for humans and our furry best friends alike — everything comes alive and being outside is a priority. It’s important that your dog stays cool and comfortable and there are many things that you can do to make the hottest days of summer more bearable!


The Vet Set is your Carroll Gardens’ local neighborhood vet — we’re here to help you with any questions you may have about summer safety or help your pup stay up-to-date on their vaccinations. Take a moment before it gets too hot and learn about summer heat safety for your dog!

Adapting To Hot Weather


When it comes to extreme temperatures, as humans, we can typically adapt — we can throw on a coat in cold and crank up the AC and down lots of water in the heat. But our pets, they rely on us to keep them comfortable, and because dogs don’t sweat, the only way they can cool themselves is through panting.


Hot weather is tough on dogs and it’s important to keep in mind that although you may be comfortable, your dog may be overheating but staying by to please you. On the hottest days of the summer, it’s best to keep your dog indoors in the comfort of a cool, air-conditioned environment! 


Indoor Summer Safety 


When it’s hot outside, though we’re shaded indoors, the house can get exceptionally hot. And, living in the City, most of us have smaller spaces with AC units which only cool us down so much.


Keep the air flowing. 


Does your dog have a special spot they love to be in? Make it a point to place a fan in that room for a cool breeze and flowing air, and if you have ceiling fans, keep those on to keep things cool and ambient. 


It can be expensive to keep your AC running while you’re at work, but if you know it’s going to be a hot day, if you can, set it at a certain temperature to keep your dog comfortable. If you don’t have AC, open windows that are north or south facing, to avoid direct sunlight and allow for better airflow. 


Invest in blackout curtains.


If you have a fair amount of windows or windows that flood light, keep the heat away by using blackout or insulated curtains to help keep your space cool — it’s amazing how curtains help.


Leave plenty of water. 


Dogs, just like humans, can suffer from heat stroke, so it’s vital that they have fresh water accessible at all times throughout the day. You can leave a fresh bowl out when you leave for work and a frozen one that will slowly melt, and provide cool water to your pup if needed. Be sure that the water is left in a cool shaded spot away from direct sunlight.


Give them a fresh summer haircut!


If you have a dog breed that has a lot of hair, keeping them well-groomed is essential. This may just be brushing them daily as they shed their coat, or taking them to the groomer to get a haircut that wards off the heat!


Get a gel floor mat.


If you have tile or wood floors, you’ve probably noticed that when your dog gets hot, they’ll lay on these floors to help cool down. You can take this one step further and get a gel floor mat for dogs that you can freeze and layout on the floors.  


Try a raised bed.


Dog beds are plush and comfy, but ultimately they create a lot of heat when dogs lay in them for any extended amount of time. This is why a raised bed is perfect for the summer heat. It’s elevated and isn’t so bulky and allows airflow from underneath to better cool your dog.  


Summer is a great season to enjoy with your dog and with a few minor adjustments to your indoor home environment, you can help keep them cool and relaxed in the summer heat.


If you loved tips for helping your dog stay cool indoors, stay tuned for part two for more summer heat busting tips in the outdoors! 


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