The Ultimate Guide to Cat Breeds

Will your favorite type of cat make the list?


There are dog people and then there are cat people, because, can you really be both?! Cats are often known for their bold and strong nature, the quintessential cat will likely have one of the following personalities:


  • Neurotic – Anxious, insecure, fearful
  • Impulsive – Reckless and erratic
  • Dominant – Bully, aggressive, jealous
  • Extroverted – Playful and curious
  • Agreeableness – Gentle, friendly, affectionate


Do these traits sound like your cat? Cats are strange and unique animals which is why we love them! At The VetSet in Caroll Gardens, we get to interact with all types of cat breeds and personalities. To learn more about the most popular cat breeds, join us in today’s post!

Well-Loved Cat Breeds


Cats are classified in two different ways, domestic and purebred. Domestic cats can be likened to what we refer to as mutts in the dog world, where their pedigree and lineage is unknown, while purebred cats have both a lineage and pedigree. There are different organizations that recognize specific breeds of cats, and those lists vary from anywhere between 43 and 58 different types. Below are the most popular types of cats — in no particular order!


Maine Coon


Maine Coons are widely known for their large size, and when you spot one, you’ll know it. Apart from their size, they have thick fur coats and extra toes (polydactylism) which makes their paws even bigger. These extra toes also aid in harsh and cold Maine winters when they have to brave the ice and snow.




The Siamese cat is essentially a mother breed because they’re lineage has helped create other cat breeds including the Oriental Shorthair, Sphynx, and Himalayan. You’ll immediately recognize a Siamese by its color markings or points. A typical Siamese will have a light body with its points (face, ears, paws, and tail) being a darker color and blue eyes.




The Sphynx cat is notoriously known for its lack of hair! Affectionately referred to as a “naked cat,” the Sphynx does have some hair, but it’s more like whispy peach fuzz! This cat will not shed but don’t be fooled — if you have a cat allergy you can still be allergic to this breed of cat!


The Bengal is another cat you’ll recognize because, as their name states, they are the wildest looking cat. With markings that look like they belong in the jungle rather than your urban jungle, this is a domesticated cat that needs a lot of activity.




The Persian cat is well-known for its smushed, but adorable, looking face! These flat-faced felines have beautiful, long coats and they come in a variety of colors and markings.




Ragdoll cats are very easygoing, as their name eludes, and often go limp in your arms as you scoop them up to cuddle. This breed of cat look is similar to a Siamese, but instead with long hair.


There are so many lovable kinds of cats, whether they’re domestic or a purebred breed.


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