Cat Owner Health Tips: Applying Eye Drops

Learn the best tips to apply eye drops to your cat like a champ!


It’s never fun when our cats get sick, especially when it’s an eye infection. Not only is it in a delicate, sensitive area, but a place that your cat does not want you near! The struggle is real when it comes to giving your cat eye drops, but with some patience and tried and true tips from vets, it can be done!


If your cat is being treated for an eye infection, the Vet Set has solutions for administering eye drops for you! Follow along in today’s post for all the best tips!


The Eye Drop Dilemma


If your cat has an eye infection, giving them the proper amount of an eye drop medication is imperative, but what happens when they get fussy and don’t allow you to put the drops in? You want to help your cat quickly recover, but the task is daunting.


Fear not, we can help! Let’s explore best practices and tips for applying cat eye medication.


Eye Drop Best Practices and Considerations


  • Always wash your hands before applying the drops.
  • If your cat is skittish, help them relax by giving them cat CBD or hanging out with them a little beforehand.
  • Gently clean your cat’s eye beforehand, a warm compress is perfect.
  • Keep the applicator clean and avoid touching it directly to the eye.
  • If the applicator tip does touch the infected eye, ensure you disinfect it immediately after.
  • If your cat’s infection is painful and they don’t want you touching it, call in for  back up and have someone help restrain your cat.


Tried and True Tips for Applying Eye Drops to Cats


Now that we have the best practices down, let’s move into tips that will help you help your cat!


Help your cat get comfortable.


We mentioned giving your cat CBD or cuddling a little extra with them beforehand to help make them more comfortable. Even the warm compress and cleaning their eyes can be relaxing. So, whatever it is that helps them calm down and get comfortable, do that.


If you have to administer the eye medication solo, you may want to place your cat in your lap and wrap them in a towel or blanket keeping their head exposed. This way they are contained and can’t move around and potentially injure themselves or you.


Once you have them in a secure position you can begin administering the drops.


5 Tips for Keeping Your Pet Calm Infographic


Applying the Drops


The best way we’ve found to apply eye drops is by holding the bottle in between your thumb and index finger in your dominant hand with the tip pointed downwards and in the direction of your cat’s eye.


Some people find that holding your hand on top of your cat’s head helps stabilize both your arm and your cat.


You can then use the free fingers in that hand to pull open your cat’s eyelid and hold their jaw to keep them from moving.


The lower eyelid creates a pouch to hold the eye drops, so it is the perfect place to place the medication.


Hold the bottle close to your cat’s eye, but again, do not touch the applicator to the eye.


Place the drops into the center of the eye and then release your cat’s head. Your cat should be able to blink, spreading the eye medication.


Your cat will likely try to rub and paw the medication and this is normal. Continue with the other eye, with the same process if prescribed.


An eye infection is never fun — for you or the cat — but in order for them to recover, the proper administration of eye drops is necessary. And while they may be uncooperative or you may not want to hurt them, they need the drops! By taking the proper steps and following our tips, you’ll be an eye drop pro by the end! Remember to keep calm yourself and help your cat relax beforehand, and then work through our steps for the best eye drop application.


Got questions concerning giving your cat eye drops? Call our Carroll Gardens vet clinic today!