4 Tips To Keep Those Winter Paws Healthy!

4 Tips For Winter Paw Health

The winter months can be really hard on your dog’s paws.  Between the extreme cold, different chemicals used to prevent ice, gravel, and dry conditions there’s many elements to protect those sensitive paws against.  Here’s some tips to keep your paws in tip top shape!

  1. Trim those feathers and extra fur! – The extra fur around your dog’s paws can trap ice, salt, dirt, gravel, and more. Trimming the fur back will cut back on the extra debris the paws can trap.  If you don’t’ feel comfortable grooming a professional groomer will be more than happy to help you out.
  2. Use boots when outside! – When going outside cover those paws with high quality boots to protect from cold, ice, gravel, and chemical de-icers. There are many different JellyWelliesshapes, sizes, and varieties to find the perfect pair for your pooch.  BH Pet Gear has many varieties including Pawtech for the more rugged dogs to Jelly Wellies for shorter walks outside in urban areas.  Remember – once the snow has gone there’s often still chemicals on the roads and sidewalks to protect your pets from!
  3. Paw balms for cracked and dry feet. – After all the extra fur has been removed check your dog’s feet on a regular basis for dry or cracked paws. Use a dog specific paw balm if needed to soften those paws up to keep them comfortable.
  4. Use pet safe salt and de-icers. – There are pet safe de-icers available on the market. Use these products and ask your neighbors to do the same.  Once inside, even when wearing boots clean your dog’s paws with warm water and inspect for any irritation.

 These simple tips will help your dog’s paws be safe, warm, and healthy through the winter months!  If you notice any redness, ulceration, or deeply cracked paws please contact The Vet Set or your veterinarian immediately.

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